Have you been following Betty’s body confidence story?

After a week full of nutrition, beauty and fitness advice, our real reader Betty has developed effective strategies for building body confidence for her upcoming destination wedding. Now that she’s identified her goals and outlined her plans, Betty isn’t feeling as overwhelmed and, as a result, she’s taking more action.

Instead of feeling stressed out about planning my wedding and trying to get fit, I feel pretty relaxed knowing that I can reach my goals. And, funnily enough, reducing stress has also reduced my urge to overeat!

Knowing that she can safely lose 2lbs (1kg) a week, Betty has taken much of Susan’s nutritional advice to heart. “Now that I understand the benefits, I can definitely commit to two protein shakes a day. It’s so convenient, and adding some frozen fruit like Susan suggested seems like a no-brainer. I never even thought about adding extra fruit and vegetables into my day like that. I love that snacks are allowed too!

After seeing how committed his fiancée was to developing healthy habits, Steve decided to work alongside Betty to tackle health and fitness as a couple. “Since Betty has made it clear that her health is a priority, I wanted to support her in working towards her goals. And I need to look after my health, too!

Working together as a couple will help Betty stay focused on her goals, according to Samantha’s D.R.E.S.S. fitness strategy. Steve has even found some sports that he and Betty can try together, which will strengthen their relationship and help them get fit at the same time! That’s part of Jacquie’s advice too—spending more quality time together as a couple will help Betty and Steve prioritize their health and fitness goals, while having fun and relaxing before their big day.

We’ve started cooking healthy meals together. Not only is it a fun, relaxing way to spend time with my husband-to-be, it helps us better understand our portion sizes and what’s going on our plates each evening.

After speaking to Herbalife’s nutrition, beauty, and fitness experts, Betty realized it’s okay to make her well-being a priority. In the rush to take care of her family and plan her wedding, Betty was spending very little time actually focusing on her own needs.

The biggest thing that became apparent in speaking to Susan, Jacquie and Samantha was just how little attention I’d been paying, while my health and fitness was slipping out of control. Now I realize that taking care of myself puts me in a better position to look after the people I care about—which is my number one priority!


We’re so pleased that we were able to help Betty, and we’ll check in with her again to find out whether our expert’s advice helped her adopt healthier habits long term. If you also want to take back control of your health and fitness, then we hope our articles this week have helped.

Working with Betty was a lot of fun. Her bubbly personality and no-nonsense approach made it easy to understand what she wanted to accomplish, while also being able to clearly see what she could do to meet her goals.

Many people find themselves in the same situation as Betty. Maybe their everyday lives seem too busy for them to prioritize fitness, or it’s more convenient to grab less-than-healthy food on the go. All this can erode body confidence and lead people to decide that getting fitter and healthier is too difficult. Usually, this simply isn’t the case—it’s never too late to get more active and feel positive about your body. Making small changes can quickly add up, and we know that many of our readers have transformed their bodies and subsequently feel happier and healthier than ever.


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